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Plan your School's Overseas Tour with China Travel Service. You can choose your itinerary, with all tours organised, all internal transfers, and accommodation and most meals included in the price. Phone Geraldine at Boomers on Tour 0402 437 319 to block in your dates.



School Education Tour to China 2017/18. Economical,
$2910 – 11 Days – 19 – 27 Sept. 2018.  Including airfares, accommodation, tours and meals.  Economical and High Star Tour.  A Visit to China is an amazing education.  So much to see and so much to learn.  Filled with history and culture.
So much to experience.   Learning becomes exciting.  History becomes interesting.
Visiting Xian and seeing for yourself the greatest archeological discovery of the century.
Imagine over 2000 year old Terracotta Warriors.

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School Excursion Tours – Discover India 2018/19

For your next School Excursion Tour overseas don’t miss this economical tour of India. $2490 10 days incl. airfare, accommodation, tours and most meals. Choose your dates!
Your class will be swept away by the vibrant culture, the awe inspiring architecture which has survived the centuries, the stunning geography, the colours the smells.
India can be confronting…there are the masses of people, the hustle and bustle of people going about their business of surviving. You will come away enthralled and changed with a new admiration for the people with a new view of your own life. Come – be dazzled!!

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Vietnam School Tour 2018/19

VIETNAM SCHOOL TOUR – SEPT. 2018 prices – $1990 – 10 Days – Price including Airfares, transfers, tours, accommodation and many meals.
Your class will be enthralled by this amazing economical trip to Vietnam.    From ancient history, magnificent architecture and simple lifestyle to the modern hustle and bustle of a modern city.  From the evident colonial history that abounds to the new and exciting development and progress. Get out into the countryside  to see the terraced mountain sides growing rice, visit the hill tribes in their local village.

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