• This tour is 11 days long
  • You'll Visit: Xian, Jinan, Qufu, Beijing, Sydney,


$2910* – 11 Days – Sept. 2020.  Including air fares, accommodation, tours and meals.   Choose your own dates. Inquire re 2020/21 itinerary.

Economical and High Star Tour organised by China Travel Service.  A Visit to China is an amazing education.  So much to see and so much to learn.  Filled with history and culture.

So much to experience.   Learning becomes exciting.  History becomes interesting.

Visiting Xian and seeing for yourself the greatest archeological discovery of the century.

Imagine over 2000 year old Terracotta Warriors.  Acres of them, miles of them.  See them being restored in the factory.

Then visit the old City Wall and walk through the Muslim quarter and markets.

Next amazing destination – Fly to Jinan and visit the Baotu Springs.

Also the Shandong Museum not to be missed!!!






Then coach to Qufu.  The hometown of Confucius.  Visit the Confucius Temple, 2500 years old.


  • Enjoy Local theatre with Music and Dance Show depicting the Confucius era.

So intriguing!!




Now is the main part of the tour – the reason for the visit actually.  VISIT A SCHOOL –    

  •  study traditional Art and Paper cutting
  • Stone tablet rubbing
  • then tea making
  • Kung Fu with local master


  •  Try dumpling making.

HANDS ON EXPERIENCE – Art of Calligraphy and Music





Then finally a fast train to Beijing to see the usual tourist destinations:

  • Summer Palace
  •  Great Wall
  • Tiananmen Square
  • Bird’s Nest
  •   Forbidden City
  •  Water Cube

And finally to finish a fantastic tour of China – an Acrobatic Show – PERFECT!!!!!

Your impressions of China – will be remarkable!!!!!

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Day 1 *


Day 1,  Sydney /Xian  (D)

Fly with Hanan Airline  HU7994  (0825/1745) to Xian. Upon arrival, you will be greeted by CTS tour guide and transfer to hotel.




Day 2 *


Day 2,  Xian (B/L/D)

In the morning, we will visit the greatest archaeological discovery of the century, the more than 2,000 year-old Terracotta Warriors interred with the Emperor Qin Shi Huang. Included are the Circle Vision Movie and Bronze Chariot. On the way to the Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses Museum, we visit Xi’an Art Ceramic and Lacquer Ware Factory, which focuses on the reproductions of terra-cotta warriors and horses and lacquer ware products. The craftsman in the factory, with professional knowledge, have made the replica of terra-cotta warriors and horses that popularly accepted as souvenirs and gifts by both Chinese and foreign visitors. In the afternoon visit the City Wall and walk through the lively Muslim quarter and the markets



Day 3 *


Day 3,  Xian/Jinan(B/L/D)

Early this morning, we will fly to Jinan. Upon arrival, visit the Baotu Spring Park, where a group of most well known springs are located. In the afternoon, we will visit Shandong Museum.

Day 4 *


Day 4, Jinan/Qufu (B/L/D)

Drive to Qufu, the hometown of Confucius, the Greatest Sage and Teacher in Chinese history. We will visit the Confucius Temple where the annual ceremonies honouring the Sage had been held continually over 2500 years. The Kong Family Mansion, where more than 70 generations of the direct descendants of Confucius had lived, is also on the agenda. A music and dance show recreated about the life of Confucius, available every evening in a local theatre is not to miss.

Day 5 *


Day 5, Qufu (B/L/D)

Visit the Cemetery of Confucius, also called the Confucius Forest, where Confucius himself, his son, his grandson and over 100,000 of his descendants were buried. Take private coach to Nishan to visit the Cave where legend has it that Confucius was born and guarded by a tiger. Not far from Nishan is a mini pyramid where one of the 5 legendary kings of China was buried.

Return to Qufu, you will have A Hand On experience on the art of calligraphy and music at Qufu Confucius Culture Institute.

Day 6 *


Day 6, Qufu(B/L/D)

We will visit a school and also study traditional arts such as paper-cutting, stone tablet-rubbing, tea ceremony.  Learn Wushu (Kung Fu) with the local masters; try dumpling-making and prepare a meal for yourselves.

Day 7 *


Day 7, Qufu/Beijing (B/L/D)

Head to Beijing in the morning on the high Speed train, after lunch, we will visit the Summer Palace  which is the largest and best preserved of the entire imperial palace gardens, and boasts such delights as the “Marble Boat” and the ornately painted “Long Corridor”.

Day 8 *


Day 8, Beijing (B/L/D)

Today’s visit includes Tiananmen Square, the largest city square in the world. From Tiananmen Square, visitors enter the gates of the Forbidden City. This massive complex was the centre of the Ming and Qing dynasties. With almost 10,000 rooms, this remarkable, well preserved imperial palace is the largest palace in the world. Visit a tea store before lunch. Enjoy the well-known Acrobatic Show in the evening.

Day 9 *


, Beijing (B/L/D)

After breakfast, we will explore the Juyongguan section of Great Wall, which is one of ‘Seven Wonders of the World’. On the way there, you will stopover at a jade carving factory where you can watch artisans at work. After lunch, continue to take an outside view of Bird’s Nest and Water Cube, which are Olympic stadiums of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Then visit invigorant store (free foot massage). After that, visit the famous pedestrian shopping area — Wangfujing 


Day 10 *


Day 10,Beijing/Xian/Sydney (B)

Check out early in the morning for our flight back home on HU7237 (1055/1305) to Xian then HU7993 (1720/0630+1) back to Sydney

Day 11 *


Day 11, Sydney

You will arrive in Sydney in the early morning at 0630.

* Itinerary subject to change

SCHOOL EXCURSION TO CHINA 2020/21 Dates and Prices

Duration: This tour is 11 days long

# Tour Duration Twin Occupancy (AUD/pp) Single Supp (AUD/pp)
1 Sep 19, 2018 - Sep 27, 2018 $2910 $210

* Availability and Price subject to change

# Tour Dates
1 Sep 19, 2018 - Sep 27, 2018

* Availability and Price subject to change

* Itinerary subject to change

This tour is 11 days long

You'll Visit:

  • Xian
  • Jinan
  • Qufu
  • Beijing
  • Sydney


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